Technical University "Gh. Asachi"
Department of Physics
6600 Iasi, Romania

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Purpose of this site:

This facility is meant to:

  • make it easier for outside visitors and prospective students to learn what we do 
  • to provide easy acces to information needed by out stuff to perform their research and teaching duties 
  • to provide information and services about our academic programs offer and how we organize them 

Atoms Made Visible
Individual atoms, forming a regular array on the surface of a crystal of the element germanium, can be seen in this image made with a scanning tunnelling microscope (STM). . Since the atoms are hundreds of times smaller than the wavelength of visible light, they could not be revealed by any optical microscope, no matter how powerful. . The STM maps the profile of a surface on the atomic scale by detecting an electric current flowing from the surface to the point of a fine metal probe. 

What our department offers:

  • Five laboratories designated for the didactic activities, equipped with installations necessary for the study of the fundamental physical phenomena 
  • Two research laboratories in the field of the condensed state physics, designated both for the staff and the students who want to improve their knowledge in the domain 
  • A laboratory for the study of ferrofluids 
  • A library with specialized publications 

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